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4" LED Work LIght

8" LED Work LIght

$ 29.00

$ 49.00

2,300 LUMENS

14" LED Work LIght

24" LED Work LIght

$ 69.00

$ 99.00

4,700 LUMENS

7,800 LUMENS

36" LED Work LIght

52" LED Work LIght

$ 129.00

$ 145.00

10,700 LUMENS

19,500 LUMENS

52"Curved LED Work LIght

$ 155.00

19,500 LUMENS

4" Round LED Flood Works Lights

4" Square LED Flood Works Lights

2,400 LUMENS

2,400 LUMENS

$ 29.00

$ 34.00

Wireless LED Search Lights

ECCO’s EW3010 Series Remote Spotlights are multifunctional, motorized searchlights featuring a 12-24 VDC operation. Both spotlights can be installed wirelessly and are protected by a polycarbonate lens and the housings are available in black or white. The EW3010/3011 offers full 360o continuous rotation, a 135-degree tilt range and features an optional hardwired in-dash joystick controller. The spotlight also has a home setting that automatically returns the light to its original position upon powering off the device.

ASA resin housing makes the EW3010/3011 corrosion, UV and impact resistant
and also feature patent pending reflective optics.
• Ten 5-watt LEDs • Permanent or magnet mount available • “Return to Home” setting will automatically return light to original position when powered off • Aluminum heatsink lighthead • Polycarbonate housing