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LED Minibar
LED Minibar With Vacuum Magnet

C-5590 Permananet Mount

 $ 309.00

Mini Bar shown with Vacuum Magnet

C-5590VM Vacuum Magnet Mount 

 $ 329.00

Vacuum Magnet for LED Minibar
Reflex™ LED minibars provide a compact yet powerful warning solution that features 12-24 VDC operation, uses high intensity Reflective and TIR Optic LED modules to maximize light output and allows the user to select from a choice of 18 user selectable flash patterns.

Permanent mount models are synchronizable with each other.
Magnet Mount and Vacuum Mount options include cigarette lighter plug. 2 switches  On/ Off . Flash PAttern Switch

Bottom view of bar showing Vacuum Magnet

Optional LED Minibar Adapter

Add $20.00 for any combinations includes red LED's

LED Minibar Cigarette Lighter Adapter
*Dual On/ Off - Flash Pattern Cigarette Lighter Switch is included on all Magnetic mount lights. 15' cord.

You can add a switch to a permanent mount .
Switch purchased seperately.
$ 34.00 
Optional ECCO  mini bar adapter for
2016 and up Ford Pick up Trucks with aluminum roofs. This mini bar adapter fits on many types of LED mini light bars. Has a very strong adhesive tape to secure to the roof. An alternativie to the 3rd brake light mount which can cost up to $250.00
LED Minibar on Vehicle
16" LED Minibar
DEX 16" LED Mini Light Bar
Amber LEDs, Clear Lens
Amber LEDs, Amber Lens
Amber/Blue LEDs, Clear Lens
Amber/Clear LEDs, Clear Lens
Blue LEDs, Clear Lens

Available permanent mount or vacuum magnetic mount
18 flash patterns
15 ft wire with dual switches. One switch on/off . Second to switch flash patterns.
3 year warranty

SYLEDPM Permananet Mount

 $ 279.00

SYLEDPM Permananet Mount
W/ Cigarette Lighter Switch

 $ 299.00

SYLEDMM Magnetic Mount
W/ Cigarette Lighter Switch

 $ 319.00

LED Minibar Permanent Mount
LED Minibar Magnetic Mount

Permament Mount

Magnetic Mount