LED 4 Channel Flasher
Feniex 4 Channel Flasher

Multiple Modes: equipped with 3 modes that allow you to program different override settings
Dual Logic Input: the 3 modes will activate from a 12V- input or a 12V+ input
*Programmable +/- output: 4 channels can be set to output 12V+ voltage or 12V- voltage.
It connects your lights to 21 flash pattern options and acts as the brain of the module. The product can also be easily installed in any interior part of the vehicle.


LED Flashers on a Car
Patented, true plug and play lighting control modules for
Law Enforcement vehicles.
Each module utilizes the factory lighting and turns them into another level of emergency lights and makes
it easier and less time consuming to install
other emergency lighting.

Turn signals and brake lights automatically stop the emergency lights to show other drivers the intent
of the operator of the emergency vehicle.  When the turn signals or brakes are done, emergency
lighting will automatically return to warn
others of an emergency.

Each control module has an accessory wire to power other emergency lighting on the vehicle which
simplifies the installation of other lighting.